How long is the course?

The state of Texas requires that defensive driving courses take a minimum of 6 hours to complete with state-mandated timers on each page. We break this down into 11 levels in our course (note: levels 4 and 8 are going to be the lengthiest, while the other levels are much shorter).

Tips for getting through the course as fast as possible:

  1. Make sure you have a strong Internet connection.
  2. Move on to the next page as soon as the page timer is up. Sometimes, the page timer is faster than the voice reading the page out loud. The longer you spend on a page after the timer is up without moving to the next one, the longer you are technically spending in the course.
  3. Answer video questions correctly! If you answer a video question incorrectly, the state requires that you rewatch the video and answer a new question. The more this happens, the more time you end up spending in the course.
  4. Take short mental breaks to avoid failing your level tests. Failing the same level test three times means that you must restart and repurchase the entire course, per state requirement. You definitely don't want that to happen! We recommend taking short breaks after levels 4 and 8 to avoid mental fatigue or exhaustion so that you can come back to the course fully focused and pass your tests with a refreshed mind.


You can access your course from your desktop, laptop, phone, and tablet, and you can log on and off whenever you want. Our course is available online 24/7.

Course Expiration

While the course never expires, you'll need to make sure to complete your defensive driving course by your court deadline (if applicable). 


At the very end of the course, we will ask you for your shipping information. You can learn more about our certificate process here.

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