What do I do if Iā€™m locked out of the course?

There are a few reasons that you may be locked out:

  • Failing an identity verification question
  • Reaching your four-hour daily limit for working on the course
  • Failing the final exam three times
  • Your course has expired

If you failed an identity verification question, the state of Ohio requires you to be locked out for 24 hours. After 24 hours, you'll be able to resume your course. We know this is frustrating, but Ohio is very serious about making sure that you are the only taking the course.

If you reached your four-hour limit for the day, the state of Ohio requires you to be locked out for the rest of that calendar day, until midnight. This requirement is in place to make sure that you're not rushing through the course and are actually learning all that there is to learn all the important rules of the road. If your account doesn't automatically unlock after 24 hours, contact our Customer Experience Heroes so that we can unlock your account manually.

If you are locked out from failing the final exam or your course has expired, unfortunately this means that you must restart the course from the beginning; however, you do not have to repurchase the course. These are both strict Ohio state requirements, and we are unable to issue exceptions. If you're having trouble resetting your account on your own, contact us so we can reset your account.

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