I have already begun my course, but I am being prompted to enter my Texas PTDE Program Guide Packet Information.

Due to a recent update to our course, you may be prompted to enter your PTDE Program Receipt # from the packet you purchased from the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation at the bottom of your profile.

If you're missing that packet, you can download the entire packet again by following this link! When looking up your Program Guide, be sure to enter the instructor’s email address that was used when you purchased the guide in order to search for the transaction. (Hint: It's usually under your parent/guardian's email πŸ˜„​ )

The Program Guide Receipt # starts with 452PT and is located on the first page of your PTDE Program Guide. From there, you can download another copy and print it off instantly!

Once you've located your Packet Receipt # you'll then enter the Packet Receipt # into your Aceable course! ​​ If you don’t recall the email address you used, you can try searching under any other emails you may have used. Still not having luck? Try contacting the TDLR directly to get a copy of the guide at (800) 803-9202. *If you have NEVER ordered the packet, order it ASAP and please let us know immediately so that we can walk you through important next steps so that you don't run into any road bumps at the DPS.

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