Verification of Enrollment (VOE) Form


What is the VOE?

VOE stands for Verification of Enrollment. It's a form that comes from your high school. It's required for teens to be in good standing with their school before they can get a permit or license. Your VOE is only good for 30 days! The only exception to this rule is if you get it in the last 5 days of the spring semester. Then it's good all summer!

Getting your permit or license during...

Summer Break? Get your VOE in the last 5 days of spring semester so it is valid for the whole summer! Didn't do that? There's a chance a school administrator will be available during the summer. See below for more. 
Thanksgiving Break? Get your VOE before Thanksgiving break begins!
Winter Break? Get your VOE by the last day of the fall semester!
Spring Break? Get your VOE before spring break begins!

[Note: Many schools and school districts do not have any staff working during Thanksgiving break, winter break, and spring break. If you were unable to get your VOE in time, unfortunately, this means that you won't be able to get your permit and license until school is back in session.]


How do I get my VOE?

Click here to download the VOE form

You'll ask your school's main office for a VOE form, or to fill it out if you print the one above. These are super common for students to need so they'll know what you're talking about! Usually, you need to request it in the morning and they will have it ready for you by the afternoon. If you were unable to get that done before summer, no worries!

Here’s what you can do during summer:

  1. Call your high school first to see if they’re open or if anyone there can sign your VOE form. [Note: many schools and school districts do not have any staff working during Thanksgiving, winter break, and spring break - that's why it's super important to get your VOE done before the break begins.]
  2. If your high school is still closed for the summer, go to your school district’s administration office and have your VOE form signed by the registrar.

Maybe you’re in a weird situation.

Are you moving to a different school?  We recommend contacting your previous school first and asking if they will issue you a VOE form.  If not, contact your new school even though you have never taken any classes there yet.

Are you moving from middle school to high school but meet the requirements for getting a permit? Again, we recommend contacting your middle school first to ask for a VOE form.  If not, contact your high school.

Are you homeschooled? Homeschoolers can download and fill out the VOE form and have their parent count as the administrator.


Still can’t get your VOE form?

Call your local DPS and ask if they will accept a report card showing that you have 90% attendance for the previous semester AND that you have received credits for all classes taken. We’ve talked to DPS headquarters and they have given that as an option. However, this is up to your local DPS if they will accept it.

If you have already graduated or earned your GED, submitting your diploma will do the trick. If you’re still working towards a GED, get the VOE filled out by an administrator at your GED program’s office. 

Now get this done so you can enjoy your break!

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