Want to get your Nebraska driver license? Aceable’s Nebraska Permit Test Prep can help you ace the permit exam. This drivers ed course will teach you the rules of the road whenever and wherever you want. You’ll get 20 levels of interactive lessons and unlimited practice tests designed to prepare you for the Nebraska written knowledge exam. Important: This is NOT a state-approved driver education course. Nebraska license applicants who are under 18 years old can choose to take an approved driver safety course to replace the 50-hour driving practice requirement or waive a written test. Aceable’s Nebraska Permit Test Prep is a mobile study aid. It’s the perfect course for busy adults and a great study tool for teens.
  1. Get your paperwork together. Bring the following to the DMV office: ID showing your full name and date of birth, Social Security number or US Citizenship and Immigration document, and two forms of proof of your Nebraska address. Find examples of acceptable documents here.
  2. You can get a Learner’s Permit (LPD) when you’re at least 15 years old. You will take the vision and written knowledge tests at the DMV office. You can skip the written test if you already have a School Learner’s Permit (LPE) or School Permit (SCP). Bring payment for the state fee, which is $10.50.
  3. Carry your Learner’s Permit for 6 months while you get 50 hours of behind-the-wheel practice with a licensed adult who is 21 or older. Make sure 10 of your practice hours are at night. Have your parent (or the qualified adult who is supervising your driving) sign the certification form. Practice safely and make sure you don’t get more than two points on your driving record.
  4. When you’re at least 16, you can take the written and road skills tests to get your Provisional Operator’s Permit, or POP. (You can skip the tests if you’ve already passed a DMV-approved driver safety course.) You must also pay the state’s Provisional Operator’s Permit fee ($17.50).
  5. You can get a full, unrestricted driver license when you turn 18. This means curfews and passenger restrictions will be lifted. You can get your regular Operator’s License at age 17 if you’ve held your POP for at least a year and have less than three points on your driving record. Congrats!
Note for 14-year-olds: If you’re 14 and live more than 1.5 miles from your school, you may qualify for a School Learner’s Permit (LPE). You must pass the vision and written tests and prove that you have a need for an LPE. When driving, you must carry your School Learner’s Permit and be under the supervision of a licensed driver age 21 or older. You can either get 50 hours of practice OR complete a DMV-approved driver safety course. If you pass the course, you don’t have to take the written test at the DMV. After holding the LPE for 2-3 months, take the written and/or driving tests to get your School Permit. The SCP enables you to drive yourself (and a sibling) to school without supervision. It expires when you’re 16 and 3 months old.
  1. Get your paperwork together. You’ll need to bring the following to your local DMV office: US based proof of your identity and age, two forms of proof of your Nebraska address, and Social Security number OR valid US Citizenship and Immigration document. Find examples of acceptable documents here.
  2. Pass the vision and written knowledge tests.
  3. Optional step: get a Learner’s Permit (LPD) and practice driving with a licensed adult.
  4. Pass a behind-the-wheel driving test to earn your Operator’s License. There will be a state licensing fee. Congrats!
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