I’m getting an error message when trying to take the Written Knowledge Exam.

Got an error message while you were trying to take your Florida Knowledge Exam? We know this can be a little frustrating, but fear not! Use the chart below to decode that error message and determine what your next step should be. These are the possible errors you could get, what they mean, and how to handle them. Using a mobile device? This is best viewed in landscape mode.

Error Meaning What To Do
"User must be between 14 years 6 months and 18 years" You put down a birthday that either makes you too young or too old to take the knowledge exam online. The state of Florida does NOT allow anyone 18 and older to take the test online. Go back and edit your birthday if you are under 18. If you are 18 and older, contact our Customer Experience Heroes for a refund.
"The state has denied you access to take the test online, possibly because you took it elsewhere or have failed too many times. The Florida state system shows: _____" If you have taken the test and passed it on another website or at the DMV already, you do not need to take it again. If you have failed the knowledge exam online three times regardless of what website you used, you cannot take it again online and need to take it in person at the DMV. Contact our Customer Experience Heroes for a refund if: you have already passed the exam before OR you have failed 3 times using a website other than Aceable. You CANNOT get a refund if you have failed an exam with us.
"State of Florida Testing Service Currently Unavailable. Please try again." This third-party service allows drivers ed companies to administer the knowledge exam online. This error is saying that their service is down currently. It will affect anyone trying to take their knowledge exam online, not just Aceable customers. Unfortunately, Aceable cannot do anything to fix this since it is the testing service's issue. You can either wait OR contact our Customer Experience Heroes for a refund.
"All 3 Exam Attempts Used" Oops, you cannot take the knowledge exam online anymore because the state of Florida gives you three attempts to pass online. You need to go to the DMV to take your knowledge exam. We do not give refunds for failed tests.
"Missing Required User Profile Information" You forgot to fill out something in your profile! Go back and look over what you've put in and make sure to enter all of your information. If you continue to have issues, contact our Customer Experience Heroes.
"Missing User Contract Agreements" You forgot to enter information or check off required boxes in the contract. Go back and look over what you've put in and make sure to enter all of your information and check off any required checkboxes. If you continue to have issues, contact our Customer Experience Heroes.
 "No Exam Purchased"  It looks like you have not purchased yet. If you haven't purchased, try again. If you have already purchased, contact our Customer Experience Heroes so we can get you back on track.
"No Security Question Available" Our system isn't giving you an identity security question during the exam. Contact our Customer Experience Heroes so that we can get this fixed ASAP!
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