Does Aceable mail out certificates on holidays?

It depends if USPS and/or FedEx are operating on that holiday, and if Aceable is closed on or around that holiday.

  • If both USPS and FedEx are closed, no certificates will be mailed out that day.
  • If USPS is open but FedEx is closed, all standard shipping, 3rd day shipping, and 2nd day shipping certificates will go out. Next day shipping orders are processed through FedEx and would go out when FedEx is open again.
  • If FedEx is open but USPS is closed, next day shipping orders will go out. All standard shipping, 3rd day shipping, and 2nd day shipping certificates would go out when USPS is open again.

We always post an info banner on the home page of our help center before a mail closure holiday. 

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