Why isn't my sound working?

If you are on a computer, please try the following steps:
  1. Open up Youtube and play a video. If it works, but your sound on Aceable isn't, continue to the next steps.  If Youtube isn't playing anything out loud, consider X-ing out of your window or Internet browser and open it up again OR restarting your computer.
  2. Do a hard refresh of your Aceable course by pressing down these three buttons at the same time:
    • Windows computers: Ctrl, Shift, R
    • Mac computers: Command, Shift, R
  3. Didn't work? Close the window of your Internet browser and open it up again. Sign into Aceable here.
  4. Still not working? Restart your computer. Technology is kind of weird and restarting your computer generally fixes any weird activity going on.
If you are on a smartphone or tablet, try these steps:
  1. First, are you using our website or are you using our app? If you're on our website on your phone, download our app instead. Click on the links below to download the right app for you. Once you sign into the app and continue, you shouldn't have this problem anymore.
    Aceable Drivers Ed

    Aceable Drivers Ed

    Aceable Defensive Driving

    Aceable Defensive Driving

    Aceable Drivers Ed iOS App Store download Aceable Drivers Ed iOS App Store download
    Aceable Google Play Store download Aceable Google Play Store download
  2. Second, are you using Wi-fi or data? You'll want to make sure that you are on Wi-fi as much as possible to prevent loading issues.
  3. If you are already on the app and using Wi-fi, but still experiencing this issue, check if your phone is on silent/vibrate. If it is, take it off silent. If it is not on silent/vibrate, the next step to try is quitting your app.
    1. On iPhones and iPads, quit your app by quickly pressing your home button twice, then swipe up on the little Aceable screen. Reopen your app and see if the sound is back.
    2. On Android phones and tablets, open your recent applications and scroll to the Aceable app. Drag the app off the screen (the direction depends on your phone since there are many Android phones but they work similarly in different ways). Now, reopen the app.
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