I'm missing my License Certificate. Where is it?

If you are taking Texas Parent Taught Drivers Ed and have not received your License Certificate, there are two things that could have gone wrong:

Option 1: You never downloaded it from your student dashboard. You can access the certificate from your account by logging in and clicking "Records" in the top right of your home screen. You can always access your certificate here!

Option 2: You haven't yet finished the course. Another reason that you may be missing your License Certificate is because you haven't earned it!

For Parent Taught Drivers Ed, you'll earn two separate certificates: Your permit certificate, which you earn after taking the Written Knowledge Exam after Level 2, and your License Certificate, which you will earn after completing all 12 levels of the course. A common misconception is that the parent taught program only comprises of Level 1 (the first 6 hours of the course). You're actually required to complete 32 hours of classroom instruction! 

You'll want to log back in and click "Resume Course" to continue with all 36 hours!

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